Vision Meeting Re-Cap

[OUR VISION] To see thousands of people living along the Suncoast Parkway becoming fully devoted followers of Christ.

(Not just complaining Christians, not just complacent Christians, but fully alive, fully devoted followers of Jesus)

[OUR PURPOSE] Helping people take their next steps with God by loving up, reaching out & growing within.

[OUR STRATEGY] To create relevant environments in which God can work:

Sunday service - A great place to invite a guest
Lunch w/ the Pastor, GroupLINK, Starting Point (Coming Soon),
Celebrate Volunteering Dinner, Volunteering - Places to start getting connected
Community Groups - The place to belong and grow with others
Leadership - The place to give back and reach out

[WHERE WE ARE] - Since August
First Time Guests Since the move to Martinez — 56+
Decisions for Christ Since the move to Martinez - 10
Baptisms Since the move to Martinez — 7

This fall we also opened up the Warehouse (a gathering spot for the Suncoast) 14426 Black Lake Rd. Odessa, FL. 33556

Since then we have seen our Student Ministry’s numbers surge to 15 - 17 a week.

We have always been a church dedicated to taking risks, stepping out, and being church for “others”. We have always been more focused on influencing the community then our own “church” needs. We believe the Suncoast is a revolutionary God-thing and we don’t want to let the party end where we are. God has so much more for us, and this area.

As God has led we have followed even when it seemed backward or confusing. I and the staff are all grateful for your trust and “followship” even when you might not have known where. God has led us to move once again to the new Rushe Middle School back on SR 54 (just east of the Suncoast Parkway) where all this got started in 2006. We believe as God has stretched us back here at Martinez He is about to rocket us forward into a place of dominance over the coming months and years.

It all begins with you and me, together, being willing to take some more risks...

Make an intentional lifestyle of investing in and inviting people
(As we do more marketing)

Start serving somewhere like children’s, set up, greeting, parking
(As more guests come)

Start reallocating your money to fuel God’s purposes
(As we hire new staff)

Pray high risk prayers for God to use you
(As we pray for God to use the Suncoast)

Pray for the staff and leaders of the Suncoast
(As we pray for you)

>> Two Identical Christmas Eve Services - December 23 & 24
>> First Sunday @ Rushe Middle School - January 20th

Our Coastal Children’s Ministry is collecting the following items for Operation Shoebox as a part of their Agent’s in Motion mission. Please consider purchasing any of the following items and then dropping them off at the collection box in the lobby of the church.
(You can also drop items off at the Warehouse)

Donation DEADLINE is 11.25

· travel size toiletries
· dental floss
· wash cloths - green, tan, brown
· bug repellant (not-pressurized)
· sun block (SPF 30+)
· lip balm with sunscreen
· aloe lotion (for sunburn)
· foot powder
· anti-itch cream
· saline eye drops
· thick socks

· AA batteries
· small flashlight (mag type)
· personal battery operated fan
· hand-held electronic game
· miniature foam football
· Frisbee
· yo-yo
· puzzle
· small travel games
· balloons

· tea bags, coffee, hot chocolate
· gum and candy (no chocolate)
· dried fruit
· beef-jerky, pepperoni, slim jim
· pop-tarts
· nuts (shelled)
· camping type food
· cereal (individual servings)
· crackers (individually wrapped)
· 1 qt powder drink mix
· canned soup (easy open)
· cookies in tins

· zip closure plastic bags
· disposable camera
· prepaid phone cards
· sunglasses (black, no brand name)
· books/magazines (no pornographic)
· blank greeting cards to send back home
· journal
· bright colored pens
· Hand-colored picture from your child

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