Easter Promotion

Here is a look at how we have been promoting Easter at Church of the Suncoast:

TXT Invite:
On Sunday I was supposed to do this at both services but only got one... but the idea is you have everyone pull out their phones and invite someone right there in the service.

Yard Signs:
We put out 25 of these signs at about $5 per sign.
This Wednesday we sent out an e-invite and ask people to clean up the FWD and text and then send it onto their friends.
Pre-Easter Message:
This past Sunday we were in the second part of a vision series and the whole message was about inviting people for Easter and why that matters and what it means for them. Check it out here:

Names on the Cross:
This past Sunday I asked everyone to write a name on a piece of paper of someone they were going to ask for Easter and then during a song come forward and nail that name to the cross.
Invite Cards:
We started leaving these in sleeves of 10 with instructions of where to leave them about 5 weeks ago... here is the card: CARD

It is going to be an awesome Easter at the Suncoast.


Lauren said...

It WAS an awesome Easter at The Suncoast!

Brian A. Moon said...

Thank you Lauren!!! It was an AWESOME Easter at the Suncoast. Thank you and all those who prayed and invited. More good stuff to come!