The Sunday That Was (July 17)

The set up guys and staff were stoked this Sunday because we got to leave everything set up from the week before! This used to be a month long treat in past years but it seems to be getting harder and harder to find weeks when we can leave our stuff set up at the school. I love the set up guys and gals though. We all owe them a lot of thanks and appreciation during these HOT summer months.

We were in the second part of the new series "Go Fish" and the message was all about why we have to "fish" as followers. If you missed the message, it will be up on our website or here on my blog by Monday late afternoon. The big idea was we have to "fish" because the message of Jesus, salvation and forgiveness, is not intuitive. The message of Christianity is not based in experience, it is based in history, the resurrection of Jesus. AND, you don't know history until someone tells you! So, we have to fish! We have to tell, we have to open our mouths and talk about Jesus for people to know.

We are giving away a free fishing trip for two to go along with the "Go Fish" series and the only way to get signed up is by attending on Sundays. The more you come, the more chances you have to win! (Yes this is how we get people to come to church in the summer)

The band did a great job with a new song called "Awakening." We will be doing it again this week if you missed it. Great song, catchy, you will be singing it later in the week.

THIS FRIDAY NIGHT at the Warehouse we are having a big event called "Hot Summer Nights". We will have a giant 20-foot tall water slide, food, cornhole contest, and a bunch of other stuff. Bring the fam at 7pm and plan on having a great time cooling off!

Finally, some big vision stuff going on right now, so please be praying for the staff and I as we seek God's direction about what is next for the Suncoast. You guys rock! See you for Hot Summer Nights!

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