The Sunday That Was (August 7)

OMG! Was it hot on Sunday. When I got there with the set up guys the A/C at the school had been kicked off and it was dang hot in there. Thank you to the set up guys and gals. You guys are my hero's! I am not sure if it was the lack of A/C or what but you guys got it done quick this week!

I thought the service was really good Sunday. I saw a lot of wins and it spilled over into our Coastal Kids Ministry where Crystal told me a whole list of REALLY cool things that happened back there this Sunday. Speaking of our kids ministry. We have been busting at the seams all summer I think. AND, we need two more Beach volunteers. The Beach is our environment for the elementary age kids and is a lot of fun. It is a once a month commitment and we will train you and make sure you are comfortable before we turn you loose. For more info e-mail Crystal (our kids director) at By the way, you work as a team so you are not in there solo, FYI because that would be nuts!

This week we got one step closer to wrapping up our "Go Fish" series, and I said this before we started this journey, I think this has been the most important series we have ever done at the Suncoast in our brief 5-year history! There is so much in this that changes the way we see life, prayer, even how we see God! If you have missed a week or two PLEASE watch the messages here on my blog at the upper right. Here are a few thoughts from part 5:

  • Fishing is simple (watch the video and message to the end)

  • Fishing for people should also be simple because the message is so simple.

  • We have made the message complicated as pastors and Christians.

  • A lot of people have rejected Jesus not because of the real message of salvation, but because of a distortion we have made out of it!

  • The two things a person needs to KNOW to become a Christian is: God loved and God gave. God loved, and God gave, that is it!!! Really!

  • The two things a person needs to DO to become a Christian is: Believe and receive.

  • We said it like this (all from John 3:16): GOD LOVED. GOD GAVE. and if we BELIEVE we RECEIVE. That is it. You don't have to know about creation vs evolution, you don't have to know Old Testament Law, you might have objections with Paul and some of the things he wrote, you might not buy into the Book of Revelation. Fine. The issue, the Gospel, is God loved, God gave. We believe, we receive.

  • So as fishers of people let's make sure if someone accepts or rejects Christianity they are accepting or rejecting the true message of salvation.

  • Our job is to live it out, and lay it out when the fish are biting!

After church was over a bunch of the faithful people that help us teardown all went out to eat and had a good time, which is another reason you should stick around and load the trailer with us...

Make sure you are inviting everyone you can for our fall launch on August 21st! I will share more on that later this week.

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