Growing Healthy Churches Tampa RE-CAP

Here are the notes from today's GHC Tampa gathering:

Send your resource ideas to for the site.


Assimilation steps

People need a job. Not leaders, just volunteers. Volunteers bring friends! People need a relationship and a responsibility! for assimilation seminar.
Ø Hand written note and gift on first time
Ø Letter on second time
Ø Third time form letter

Lunch with the pastor after the service (maybe once a month). Connection Power assimilation software. When you meet someone out front pass them off to someone else where they live. You have to find what works for you and your area. Have something after the service for people to stick around for... Ways to end a conversation with grace to get to guests (Dave has one-liners).

Help with communicating to volunteers
We have to move from e-mail to conversations. We need to call them for that week if they are working. Monthly schedule through snail mail. If someone checks the box to volunteer need to follow up with a phone call. Look for enlisters to follow up with volunteers. Keep it SHORT in e-mail. Text message every Saturday night.

Book – “Made to Stick” – How to make things “stick”

The Ideals of GHC
Building relationships
Equipping for growing a healthy church
Encouragement to keep going
1 Thessalonians 5:11 – Words of hope and courage!

Come see us next month on September 10th

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