Videos (the new stained glass)

A lot of traditional church leaders find the use of video at Church of the Suncoast unsettling. "Why do you need all those videos. People will think it's all about being entertained..." I have seen the push back to using creative video in church from people that have checked out the Suncoast from traditional backgrounds and my answer to the critics is this.

Videos are nothing more than today's stained glass. I grew up in a church that had three huge stained glass windows. It painted a beautiful picture of the cross. It visually told a story that is sometimes too deep for words alone. Video does the same thing. Video paints a picture of spiritual truths that sometimes are too deep for words.

So why not embrace it! Technology is here to stay and to fight against it or to not use it in my opinion is a sin. Seriously, instead of ignoring technology why not harness it and leverage it for God's kingdom! Why not use some of these multi-sensory mediums like video, and lighting, and the arts to stir something within people that is too deep for words.

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