Drive 08 Update #3

The six of us got back in last night at about 11:30pm... Wow, I am tired right now.

God did some amazing things. Gave us lots of great ideas. And, as always we will start the process of putting into practice those ideas over the coming weeks and months. We are never satisfied with church as usual. That is why we go to things like this. We can always improve our church environments.

We did our final two breakouts.
Got lunch (they had enough food this time!!!)
Went to the final session where Andy called an audible. He talked from his heart about where he was at and where Northpoint was at. Some worked through some really great quotes that "bother" him and keep him always asking what's next. I think he might have even got a little emotional at the end.
We then hit the road.
Stopped for dinner at a little BBQ place in Cordele, GA.
I think the waitress might come to our church one day :-)

Thank you for allow your staff to go on this trip and thank you all for praying!

PS - Stay tuned for the notes link from the conference!!!

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