Sunday Night Random Thoughts

Today we did part two of our new series Uncertainty. I was a little hyped up from something and when I get like that I tend to rush sometimes. But, overall I think I did OK.

The music was good. I think we got some slight feedback on one of the songs, but I don't think anyone noticed. Doing portable church is always so fun when it comes to sound. You would not think things could change that much from week to week but it does. Here was our line up:

Revolutionary Love - DCB
O Praise Him - DCB
Forever - Tomlin

We had people fill out a postcard with three times they knew God was faithful to them in the past. We will mail them back to them in a few weeks as a reminder to remember. When we don't remember what God has done in the past we don't factor Him into the future when we face uncertainty. We also did something kind of cool. In the middle of my talk we had people huddle up into groups and share their first memory. This transitioned into the idea that our memory is an amazing gift.

We also showed this video called "Through the Storm":

After the service we had a quick 15 minute "Vision Meeting". We have done these over our two years as a real specific time of just casting vision for what the next ministry season will look like and feel like and what we need from our people. We also do this in talks and a series once a year, but it never hurts to talk about the vision. Maybe I will post the content later this week...

I am feeling a heck of a lot better than last week. I had a nasty cold but this week feel good.

Had a funny moment in my talk. If you are a female reader please don't read this... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! -- During my talk I was trying to say the guy was wacked out and instead of saying wacked out, I said wacked off... and I didn't even laugh. I was tough. I covered my mistake quickly and repeated the correct phrasing several times. My wife missed it so I think all if well. Funny stuff though when you are up on stage and bust out with wacked off...

Guess that means I should go to bed on that note. Thanks for reading the Church Insider!

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