Unleash Session One

Unleash Session One
Perry Noble

Matt: “I will build my church” – Are we asking God to build the church or are we building the church? We have stripped the bride of Christ and put her in lingerie to make US look better.


1) Are we willing to change?

God is still the same God so why would we not attempt some things. Things are bad right now for Christianity so why not take some risks?

Most of us are one or two changes away from doubling our churches in size.

We all can see what needs to be changed in other churches but can we see it in our own?

Change or die!!!

If you can manage your church then God is not in it. A movement of God is messy and you can’t control it. How comfortable are you with that?

The STAFF will have the hardest time changing.

Don’t let money drive the decision, let the voice of God!

The pastor can’t do it all!!! The lead pastor has to stop running the day to day operations of the church.

2) Are we willing to work?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes? Are you willing to make the change you don’t want to do? We have to get our “I”’s right:

Investigate the obvious – where are you manufacturing energy? Is there a staff member that just won’t make it? Is there a person that can’t sing? Can people tell you the truth?

Ignore the Jackass’s – don’t stop casting vision. The word Jack ass in greek means “blogger”. Two types of Jack Asses:

A) The person that will take shots at you and doesn’t even go to your church.
B) The person at your church that says “I just want to go deeper” – If you were full of Jesus then it wouldn’t matter how deep the message to worship was!

3) Are we serious about reaching the world?

Terms we use to make ourselves feel better about not reaching the world:

> Contemporary
> Blended (Means you don’t have any balls)
> Missional (Means you don’t have any people)
> Emergent (Means you might not believe the Bible)

God called you to set your city free not condemn it.

Numbers MATTER!!!

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