Four Questions for Rich People

On Sunday I rolled out four questions that rich people need to ask themselves. The point of these questions was not to make anyone feel guilty, God doesn't want us to feel guilty over our money, He just wants us to be grateful! The point was to see which way we are leaning, are we leaning on our money for our hope and security, or are we leaning on God who is the source of everything?

Tough questions for me personally so know that no one is above the natural temptation to lean hard on our stuff. Check them out:

Question #1
Which of these two statements creates the most anxiety for you?

A. There is no God
B. There is no money in the bank

Question #2
Does fear of not having enough get in the way of your ability to give generously?

Question #3
Do you have money in the bank but no peace in your heart?

Question #4
How hard is it to do the right thing when it will cost you financially?

I illustrated this on Sunday with some boxes of money... to see the entire message check out the message player at the top right.

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