Hey Pastor! Cut the Crap!!!

The other day I had a conversation with a pastor I have not talked to in a while and he was asking me about things with the church and I was trying to be open and honest and he laid out a line something like this, "So how is God-moving among your people to become more missional... blah, blah, latest leadership buzz word... blah, blah... quote from Andy Stanley... blah, blah."

Seriously, pastors / church leaders can we cut the crap. We don't have to try to impress each other with who we just read or what fancy church leadership buzz words we know! Only other pastors know what you are talking about and honestly, I hate it.

I am a terrible leader that God has been working on, and to be honest compensating for, ever since we started Church of the Suncoast in 2006. I don't like to read a lot of leadership books because they are talking about answers to questions I am not even asking.

Here is what I care about. Are people taking their next steps with God and are people accepting Christ. If so then you are missional and vision driven and Spirit-filled and... OK, so this might be a little strong but hear my heart. Why would you try to impress someone with what you know and how smart of a leader you are when really God has called us to just be obedient and faithful and He says He gets the glory when we are weak.

Hi, I am Brian and I am a weak leader :-)


Cheryl Moon said...

Hi Brian, I'm Cheryl, and I too am a weak leader. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, in my book, your becoming a great leader and that's why I continue to come to the Church of the Suncoast! We will all learn together to be great.

Anonymous said...

Just the kind of leader I am looking for!!!