At Church of the Suncoast we are always trying to figure out how to lead volunteers. In the first two years of this church we have gone through several stages from "Hey we just need warm bodies" to forming teams to now trying to lead those teams to the next level. As we have also gone from basically me leading all volunteers to now I don't lead any I have also had to find ways to keep the staff accountable with how they are leading their volunteers. So, this past Monday we started something we learned at Drive this past year. It is called the 3-2-1.

I think my wife was the one that picked up on this from the greeting staff but here is how it works:

3 - Face to face sit downs a year with each volunteer you lead.
2 - Trainings with alternate dates each year.
1- Big celebration "Thank you" event a year.

This is a great system to me because it is easy for the staff and easy for me to hold them accountable on. I will keep you posted on how it goes this fall.

Share your volunteer tips or what you would like to see from a church staff. Leave a comment.

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