A Great Day

A few weeks ago we had a terrible Sunday at Church of the Suncoast. Nothing went right. We had stuff go down technically and all kinds of stuff.

BUT, yesterday was a great day. Here are a few of the highlights:
  • The weekend started off with a bang Friday night at our back to school family fun night. We had a huge 20 ft tall water slide and life size Wii. It was a blast. Tons of kids!
  • Even though we were down a few guys on set up we still got it all done with a few minutes to spare and everything worked just fine.
  • We had 137 which was great. 41 kids!!!
  • Andre and Troy filmed a video drama with Tom and Lauren and it was hysterical! Great job!!! I will post it later this week.
  • The band did an awesome job during the opening set. God was totally in it. God goosebump moment.
  • We wrapped up our "Bod for God" series with communion.
  • We also had a retired nurse taking blood pressure for people after the service and tons of people stuck around for that. (We need to give people a reason to stick around more often).
  • We also are collecting book bags for the kids at our school where we meet and one couple dropped a check for $500 to help pay for ones we don't collect to get to 100. Another couple offered to do the same!!!
  • Had 7 or 8 first time guests.

Go God!!! I can't wait to see how the momentum over the summer translates this fall once school is back in the swing of things.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on this past Sunday. That's good stuff.

Bobby said...

hey man... just ran across your blog... glad to hear the church is doing well. We need to get together... share some stories...
There cant be 2 church planters in from PBA with in an hour from each other and us not talk!

Brian A. Moon said...

Sounds good man. I knew about you guys somehow??? Shoot me an e-mail and we can meet up. Check out the www.INCTampa.com network that meets on Tuesday.