Listening to Yourself Preach

I just got done listening to myself preach from this past Sunday:

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I think it is important to critique yourself as a communicator. If I am ever going to improve then I have to find ways to critique myself.

I know for some guys they immediately pull some people together after a service and watch the video. I would love to get to that point one day. But, right now I don't know if I could deal with it or if we could find a location or people willing to do it. There are still a core of us that do way too much on Sundays. I do too much. I think I would be a real grouch right now???

Other people I know ask one trusted person for three good things and one bad thing or thing to change right after they give a talk. That is not bad, but you don't get to actually critique yourself.

What I do is listen to our podcast from our website maybe once a series. I would like to make it once a week, but I am not there yet. I also, usually weekly, check out about 5-minutes of my talk from the video we shoot each week (when it works). This helps me see how I was positioned on the stage and my different mannerisms. A LOT of communicating is body language so that is important to look at I think.

I would love to hear what you do as a communicator. Leave a comment and keep the conversation going.


Nancy said...

My son is a new pastor and I'm going to pass your hints along to him. You have some great ideas (I've read a few of your archives- I love the children's ministry video... I was the children's minister for our church for about 10 years- volunteers are always a problem.).

Brian A. Moon said...

Thank you Nancy. We all are standing on the shoulders of others!