Tell A Story

Hey Church of the Suncoast... who have you told a story to this week??? On Sunday we begin our big fall launch series called "Living on the Edge". And, what I am asking everyone to do is this:
  • Pray about just one person you think God wants you to bring this Sunday.
  • Give that person an invite card or a postcard.
  • Tell that person a simple story about the Suncoast. People remember stories. It can be about what your first time was like, it can be about a service that stands out, it can be about what the church has meant to you, just share a story.
  • Then ask them to come with you. Don't just invite them, ask them to meet you at a specific location at a specific time.
  • Wear your "Don't Jump" t-shirt this Friday if you can. Tell some stories with what you are wearing.
  • Leave your impact cards at some of the places listed on the card holder.

Tell stories this week.

Pray for this Sunday.

Awesome things are going to happen!!!

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