Tony Morgan Coaching Network (6)

[Simply Strategic Volunteers]

  • Helping people find their place in ministry. has stuff on their “open” sight.
  • Teach the shoulder tap to the volunteers. It is their job too!!!
  • Invite, select, equip, engage, evaluate.
  • It is hard to strategize when the bullets are flying.
  • What does the process look like when someone wants to volunteer? How do you follow up? What are the steps? Is it easy or hard? Do you even know it? How can you do more “Show Up and Go”. Challenge with “Show Up and Go” is you have to have someone there to be their “buddy” or “leader” that day.

[Volunteer Development]

  • Identify a target and a time frame.
  • Teaching (from the stage, message series).
  • Invest and invite in the context of volunteering (teach them to shoulder tap someone to join them)
  • Need leaders over the high volume volunteering areas.
  • Make sure the systems are streamlined (training, scheduling, forms)
  • Make serving THE next step for someone attending.

[Financial Stewardship]

  • Begins with teaching… do people know they are supposed to.
  • Preaching in series on money is more productive.
  • Financial counseling and seminars also work.
  • Model it as a church first! (Debt? Reserves? Tithing?)
  • Good financial planning for the church.
  • There is a season for sharing the financial realities of your church.
  • Track the numbers and trends.
  • Vision, vision, vision.
  • Make the offering an event.
  • What are the practical giving goals (get people connected to online giving???)

[The Four Helpful List]
What’s right? (Optimize that!!!)
What’s wrong? (Change it!!! One issue at a time)
What’s confusing? (Clarify it!!!)
What’s missing? (Add it!!!)

[Leading from the Second Chair]
Begins with trust with the lead pastor.
Recognize the leaders calling is different than yours.
If you can help accomplish the leader’s vision you win.

[Leadership “It”]
Relationship with Jesus
Able to build a team
Being a constant learner
Clear vision

[Church “It”]
Outward focus
Gifted leaders
Giving away ministry to the people
Clear visionKnowing who you are

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