Sacred Cows

Recently, I was a part of a conversation about how churches were doing with the economy in the tank and with so many of our people looking for work when the comment was made:

"Shoot the sacred cow in the face and then feast on it"

That got me thinking... there are so many sacred cows in the church world. It used to be Sunday School. Or, it might be a women's or men's ministry. It might be a building. It might be some favorite project of the lead pastor. Maybe VBS or some Christmas production. But most churches have a sacred cow. The thing no one ever talks about getting rid of, BUT that is also an area that is sucking up money like it grows on trees.

Imagine the resources in time, in talent and treasure that could be freed up if you shot the sacred cow in the face and then feasted on it. Maybe you are a church in a building that is killing you. Sell the building and go portable. Maybe you need to kill Sunday School. Maybe you need to kill your women's and men's ministries and feast on the freed up money and people power. I don't know what it is for your church, but I do know this:

"Scarcity brings clarity"

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