I want to personally invite you to one of my church's Christmas Eve services at 5pm & 7pm at Rushe Middle School in Land O' Lakes.

The service is going to be incredible and you will NOT WANT TO MISS THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES!!! Really, come a little early and enjoy some coffee and cookies and get a seat because the service will start with a bang!

Bring some friends or family and enjoy the evening at the Suncoast as my guest.

We Need Balls!!!

We have someone in our church who is serving in Iraq right now and she has requested some soccer balls for the Iraqi children. Can you please drop off a soccer ball tomorrow or Thursday to the Warehouse (church office). We are open from 9am to 5pm and the phone number is 813.792.5345. Here is a link to find us:


Thank you so much!!! We will pack them all up and ship them next week.

What You Say Matters!!!

I have been reading in the Book of Titus and in it Paul is giving Titus some guidance on his mission of growing these churches he was now in charge of and at the end of verse 15 in chapter 2 he says this little line:

"Don't let anyone think that what you say is not important."

That line might be for you today if you are a pastor. I know for me personally there are a ton of times I feel like what I say on a Sunday, in a meeting, in a group setting is so unimportant. BUT, Paul says what you and I say as a pastor IS important. God has given you the vision for your church and when you step out on that stage or lead a team of people what you say matters! Don't let anyone think that what you say is not important!

INC Tampa Random Thoughts

Next Year Planning
Has to come from the lead pastor and His time alone with God.

Don’t plan out of fear, plan out of vision.

God where do you want us to be in 6-months?

What do you plan around? Sermon Series, Calendar / Current Events, Easter & Christmas, Attendance Patterns, Vacations, What Are People Dealing With?

Does your planning fit your vision; filter EVERYTHING through your vision.

In planning, is it burning inside you first?

When it is time to market the planning:

OAIcorp.com – Billboard and signs
BigDaddySigns.com – Yard Signs $2 & $5
Infopkg.com – Sleeves for Invite Cards

Blogging Help Needed!

OK, so for the past two weeks I have been in a blogging funk. Got nothin' to say. You might have noticed! Need some help here. What are some ideas for some blog post? What would you like to know about? What inside scoop into the world of church do you want? What topic needs some conversation? Shoot me an e-mail: brian@canthisbechurch.com OR leave a comment, OR @ me on twitter: www.twitter.com/brianmoon

Thanks for your help!!!


Volunteer Dinner *UPDATE

If you volunteer at the Suncoast we hope that you are planning to join us for the Volunteer Celebration Dinner this Friday night! But we wanted to make you aware of some very important changes. Due to the unexpected closing of Copper Creek, please join us instead at the Warehouse where we will treat you to a FREE dinner catered by Carrabba's Italian Grill.

Can't wait to see you on Friday night, 7pm, at the Warehouse!!

If you have any questions or need directions please email rita@canthisbechurch.com