3 Things I Want to Tell the Suncoast

1. Bring someone for the last part of Plan B
Today is Wednesday and it is the final day of the challenge I laid out back in week one of the Plan B series... take a look HERE. Basically, at 6:02pm this evening say a prayer for someone you want to bring to the Suncoast and then send them a txt message inviting them, no make that ASKING THEM if they can come. The final message in the Plan B series is all about the cross and if we don't pack the house this Sunday we have missed out on a great opportunity to expose people to the live saving message of the Gospel.

2. Here we grow again
Our Coastal Kids ministry is growing and we have some awesome spots open in our Mangroves room (nursery). If you are the kind of person that drops to a knee when a child talks to you so you can be on their level then you are the kind of person God wants to use to shape the next generation. Obviously, we background check all our kids volunteers for safety, but the only real requirement is that you serve once a month and show a child the love of God. I make no bones about it, this is the most important thing you can do with your life, help to build up the local church. For more info e-mail our children's director Crystal at crystal@canthisbechurch.com

3. One Generation Away (3.6)
The next series at the Suncoast is for every generation, BUT if you know someone under the age of 25 do WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO to get them to church on March 6th! Why? Well, have you ever tried to make a photocopy of a photocopy? Maintaining the quality is always a problem. And it's happening in us the same way with every generation today. We're losing quality. We're losing faith. We might be a generation away from losing it entirely. So how do we take back this generation? That is what we will be talking about for the first two weeks in March at the Suncoast.

4. I know I said three, but one more... I Love My Church! See you all Sunday at 10:30am for the final part of Plan B.

NEXT Groups

Dear Suncoast,

I wanted to take just a minute of your time and ask you to check out a NEXT Group this week! We have two groups to choose from. One is on Tuesday night in Land O’ Lakes and the other is on Thursday night in Odessa, both just off of SR 54. A NEXT Group is a smaller group of people from the Suncoast that will meet together for the next 10-weeks. In those 10-weeks you will have a conversation about the past Sunday’s message, be given some homework in the Bible for that week, serve the community twice, and give once to a cause your group is passionate about. I know it is a little scary thinking about just showing up at someone’s home and being circled up to talk, but I want to challenge you to push beyond your fear for the amazing benefits of doing life with a group of people. I also know you are busy! We all are. But, we make time for what is important to us. Your spiritual growth is the greatest investment you can make, so I hope you will take about an hour and half of your life and invest it in a NEXT Group starting this week.

Here is the info on the two groups and all you need to do is just show up this week, we will be expecting you. We encourage you to find childcare, but realize you may have to bring the little ones along.

Tuesday Night, 7pm
Leaders: Brian and Cheryl Moon
Location: 2938 Mingo Dr. Land O’ Lakes, FL 34638

Thursday Night, 7pm
Leaders: Ray & Rennae Revell & Luis Gonzalez
Location: 13924 Jacobson Drive, Odessa, FL 33556

If you have any questions e-mail: info@canthisbechurch.com

Policies V. Conversations

From the start of Church of the Suncoast I have prayed, strived, and cast vision for a church that ANYONE could go to and feel "safe" as they investigate the Gospel. We don't need more churches in most parts of the country, what we need are safe environments for people to experience the grace Jesus has to offer them.

For the most part, we are not perfect, but for the most part we have that kind of church today. BUT, that also causes a lot of conflict from a leadership standpoint. What do you do about the girl whose boobs are hanging out each week? Do you let non-believers in the band? When someone is dealing with a moral issue do you pull them? What "lifestyles" are accepted as Christian? What do you do when it doesn't seem like a believers behavior is matching what they are telling others they believe? What about divorce? The list could go on but you get the idea.

The natural tendency of any organization is to meet and craft a bunch of policies so that the issue is settled and you don't have to have the conflict when it comes up. You just point to a policy and say, "Sorry, this is OUR policy." BUT, here is something I heard Andy Stanley talk about recently and it was so right on! Don't have policies, have conversations. This is how Jesus did things. From tax-collectors to adulterers He would have conversations not policies and categories. Maybe if we could learn from that we could not just strike a balance between grace and truth, but a powerful merger of the two that Jesus seemed to embody.

New Invite Cards

Here is a look at our new invite cards at the Suncoast. We leave a stack of 10 in a card holder with instructions on it in every seat. We also try to not put too much info on them. Take a look. We get them printed here.

An Open Letter to Students at the Suncoast

Dear Student,

Be careful who your friends are!!! This morning I woke up to sirens and flashing lights and a mother and father screaming in the middle of the damp road. I got ready for the day and made my way out there. I met Frank. Frank is a dad. Frank had an 18 year old son who goes to a local high school. Frank's son had been staying with a girl and her family for the past few nights in my neighborhood, not sure why? Frank's son apparently got into some bad drugs or O.D. and died in my neighbors home last night. Did I mention he was just 18 years old? I sat there and watched a dad beat his body saying "I should have done something, I should have saved him!" all the while his son's body lay cold just a few feet away inside a strangers house. As I learned bits and pieces of the story it all came down to this... Be careful who your friends are!!!

Show me your friends and I will show you who you are going to be.

We will talk more about this tonight at Revolution, 7pm at the Warehouse.