Merry Christmas (See you next year)

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thanks for reading the Church Insider in 2007. Look for new postings in the new year as once again the Suncoast moves to a new school...

Here was our Christmas Eve @ a glance:

151 attendance
2 decisions for Christ
$12,000 offering!

Go God!!!

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Christmas Eve Promotion

Here are a few ways we are promoting our two Christmas Eve services @ Church of the Suncoast:

Yard Signs

Invite Cards & Video

The Creative Process (Part 2)

Click HERE for part 1

Here are a few more things we try to do at Church of the Suncoast to spice things up and where we find them:

Sermon Videos
We usually have at least one, if not two, videos each week at the Suncoast. We will use canned stuff from or or . You can also try . I have also been known to take a canned video from one of those places and edit it (again) in something as simple as Windows Movie Maker that almost everyone has. If the music sucks on a video you can mute the sound and add your own music. If a video is too long you can edit that. Or you can splice a canned movie in with something original you make.

Movie Clips
Movie clips are another way to spice up a service. A great listing of movie themes that might fit your topic is:

Recently, I have also used some clips from . You can buy subscriptions for something really cheap a month that allows you to download multiple formats of movie clips, some STILL in the theaters! Don’t know how they do it, but it has spiced up our services a time or two when we just could not find anything else.

Another great place is of course . You can find almost any famous movie scene and convert the file at which is a free service. You can also buy programs for about $30 bucks to convert the FLV format to mpeg.

Music Videos
Something we used a lot before our band got up to speed was “secular” music videos. Usually they have high production value and are pretty entertaining obviously. It is an easy way to set the mood heading into a message when you don’t want to stress your band out. This works even better if you have multiple screens…

You can find music video DVD’s at places like FYE and even Wal-Mart. Also, YouTube usually has at least one that has decent quality and sound.

Mix it Up
One of the most creative things you can do is just mix the service up each week. Try to not have the same “order of service” each week. Do the welcome first then do a video then some music. Next week have three songs and then right into the message with a video in the middle of your talk. Do something crazy like a video and then right into the message followed by the music… you get the idea. Take you basic service elements and play with them. The more people can’t predict what is coming next the more creative your service will be.

Finally… copy other people! Be a student of other churches and find ways to use their creative elements in yours. A lot of the big churches are selling or giving away their videos and dramas. Use them! Also get into a network of churches in your area that fit your style and share ideas and resources!

They just got up and...

This past Sunday I experienced a first in my communicating career. I was about 1/2 way through my talk when a couple in the back just got up and stormed out of the building! We had some people see them leave and one said they had a Bible with them. I hope so... I hope they were Christians! It was strange. I have been asking myself over and over if I would ever do that? I have been asking if I thought a non-believer would do that and my answer is I don't think they would... I really think they would have enough courtesy to at least wait until the prayer time at the end and slip out. Or just wait until it was over and just not come back. I really think it was a couple Christians who didn't like something I was saying and so they up and left.

The funny thing was I was presenting the Gospel :~)

What have you experienced? Leave a comment...