NEXT Coaching Network (Afternoon Session)

Supportive Feedback…

  • Be specific
  • Timely
  • Explain the effects; state your appreciation (so they feel it)
  • Method (one on one, in writing, public, voicemail)
  • Touch

Corrective Feedback…

  • Specific (describe it behaviorally)
  • Timely (close to the event as possible, must see it)
  • Focus on actions, behaviors
  • Be honest (don’t minimize it or overstate it)
  • Eliminate the word “BUT”
  • Method (one on one, no e-mail)
  • Suggest alternatives, not feedback until suggest an alternative
  • Leave the person whole


  • Meaning
  • Dignity
  • Community
  • Influence (your voice has meaning)
  • Growth (role or personal)

NEXT Coaching Network (Morning Session)

Getting them started...
enlisting a leader (after they are already serving, leadership emerges):
  • Vision (Great Commission)
  • Goals (Outcomes)
  • Expectations (No more than three things)

Helping them along the way...

  • Positive recognition
  • Coaching (D.E.L.U.M.P) - Divide every large undertaking into managable pieces.
  • Feedback (1. Well, 2. Stuck, 3. Do different)

Letting Go...

  • Delegate (The authority and responsibility) BUT, don't start here!
  • Feedback (Ask questions tied to the vision)

Spring Forward Fun

See you bright and early for the second part of our series "One Generation Away". Do not miss this important message, especially if you have kids!!!

10:30am @ Rushe Middle School

A Must Read

A friend of mine from the Suncoast sent me this post from the blog "Stuff Christians Like" and it is a must read:

Saying you’re having a hard time “connecting” at church.
This church isn’t very friendly. Have you noticed that? We might need to change to a new church, because we’re having a really hard time connecting at this one. We’ve been coming here for six months, sitting in service, not talking to anyone, then immediately sprinting out of the building and going home. And no one has connected with us. Rude!

We haven’t met anyone in small group either. We didn’t sign up for one, but still, it would be nice if a small group kind of magically happened in our living room, on a night that was convenient for us and someone brought banana pudding. Not box banana pudding, but like the kind your grandmother used to make. Is that so much to ask for?

Probably, considering that this church doesn’t really seem to reach out to people who have spent six months attending Sunday morning service and not participating in any other activities.

No one even called us and asked why we weren’t at the fall festival. Sure, we’ve never given them our number, but google it. And then help us connect.
I thought this church was going to be different. I thought it wouldn’t be like the last three churches we attended. Remember those three? Always saying, “Please stay for lunch and learn about the church. Please let us know if you have any questions. Please come to our first time visitor’s luncheon.” So annoying.

What’s that you say? Where are we serving at the church? Serving is a great way to get connected and plug into a place that is ultimately a two way street of people loving and giving and growing together? Even something as simple as handing out bulletins can jump start new relationships with new people? Ugh, that sounds like a lot of work. Quit judging us.

And start connecting us. We’re having a hard time connecting at this church.

For ways you can connect at Church of the Suncoast click here:

One Generation Away

If you are someone under the age of 25, or you are the parent of anyone under the age of 25, or you one day will be, or you have grandchildren under 25... basically everyone with a pulse, DO NOT MISS THIS SUNDAY at the Suncoast.

We are starting a new series called "One Generation Away" and I can look back to this POST and see why we had to do this series. Take a look at the trailer below and bring people with you this Sunday, 10:30am at Rushe Middle School. It is going to be a LIFE CHANGING service and I am not just saying that, this is not hype, I really believe God is going to open eyes this week!