Mind Mapping My Style

I grew up learning how to preach from a manuscript. I have been preaching since I was 19 and if you are like me I tend to "diesel" on if I don't plan out everything I am going to say. The problem with using a manuscript is the need for a podium or table to rest your manuscript on. While I was doing student ministry a guy told me that it seemed to "traditional" with what we were trying to do with the kids. So I began to experiment with various ways to still use my manuscript but attach it in my Bible thus getting rid of the podium. After several variations I came across mind mapping. If you want to read about it more just google it and you can read various books on the true way to do this. My version is I take the text and arrange it in a clock-wise rotation that takes up 4 pages at 10pt font. This helps your brain take a picture of where things are and allows me to all but memorize the entire talk. If you would like a copy in a publisher format just e-mail me at brian@canthisbechurch.com

New Series "The Christmas Circus"

This weekend we begin a brand new series called "The Christmas Circus." Life around the holidays can really seem like a three ring circus. Parties to attend. Gifts to buy. Family to worry about. Crowded malls to navigate. Time and patience wear thin. But, this time of year just exaggerates a problem we have all year long. We are to busy! Find out how to manage your time God's way so that we can do what matters most in this one and only life we get. I hope you will join us and I hope you will bring someone with you.

Go to www.CanThisBeChurch.com for more info and directions.

Tampa Bay Church Planters Network

Tampa Bay Church Planters Network

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Paul Wirth // Team Creativity:

We are all creative… we just have to get it out of us
> God created it
Have to constantly re-birth our church like a club in Ybor

> Jesus modeled it

> The Spirit empowers it

Planning in a TEAM helps you get past a sticking point

“You have eyes plagiarize” -- Very few creative ideas come without a team

@ Relevant – Big meeting for each series (12 people)

> Music

> Themes

> Service sets

Each week staff helps with message

> Requires extensive planning

> Most don’t go all the way to birth

Start backwards on creative idea

Learn to use all kinds of resources

Rotate fresh people in all the time

Give people something to take home (trinket)

Life change is the motivation

> What do the people need?

> What is out there in culture that can help meet that need?

How do you control it? –

> Have to allow a little chaos

> Be willing to trash a great idea (big white board)

Don’t let finances limit your creativity!!!

Always ask the WHY question:

W- hat is the point

H - ow are you going to do it?

Y - ou (Is it you?)

How Big is Your God

Since we started Church of the Suncoast just a few short months ago my faith has been stretched in any number of ways. How will I support myself? How will we ever raise enough money for what God has called us to? How can I do this all as the only staff member? What if no one shows up? What will we do if people show up? What should we do about getting the word out? How can we afford to get the word out? How do I even take a vacation??? If you are reading this and you are a church starter then you understand all the questions I have been asking God. If you are not a church starter then think about doing the hardest thing you can think of and then imagine feeling like God is a million miles away while you do it. Nothing I can think of so intimately combines your faith with your job. At your job if you lose some market share then that was just buisness. If we lose market share then where is God and why has He left us? Of course my theology is strong enough to tell me that God didn't go anywhere and He will bless His church, BUT try telling that to your heart when it is on the bleeding edge. You see what I mean now? You might be dealing with a child today and feeling the same things. You might be dealing with a difficult spouse today and feeling the same things. You might be dealing with difficult parents and feeling the same things. So for you, and for me, how big is our God? Is God big enough to invade our little world and act on our behalf? Can God be trusted to even act? I encourage you to take those anxious thoughts and bring them before God and simply wait. Do the hardest thing for a type "A" personality. Wait. And see if God won't move on your behalf. How big is your God? -- Have a "God story" that has happened recently? Tell me about it :-)

20/20 Vision

As a young church leader the articulating and casting of the vision for our church is a daunting task. Yes, I do believe that God gives the vision to the leader. There are some that would say God gives it to a team of leaders, or a board of leaders, or an elder body of leaders… but I believe throughout the pages of Scripture you find God tapping one person on the shoulder and saying, “Here, this is something I want done in the world.” Now, don’t get me wrong. I also believe that God puts the burden on the hearts of a group of people, but ultimately the vision is vertical from God and then for the leader to cast horizontally. So, back to my daunting task. The vision that God gave me for the Suncoast is clear. But, it is an art to articulate and cast that vision to others, that I feel, is learned over time and through much practice. As I have stood before hundreds of people over the past 6 months this has became a little easier each time. And to be honest with you there have been points where I say to myself, “These people have to be tired of hearing this again.” But, as many like Rick Warren and Andy Stanley have pointed out people forget the vision in no time flat! This past Saturday night we held a vision meeting for our fledgling church and it was amazing. Sure I went over our purpose statement and our strategy and our values, but then we told stories. For 15 minutes we just told stories of all things that had happened to let us know we were succeeding in our purpose of helping people take their next steps with God. Stories are a great way to re-cast that vision in new and fresh ways. Another thing that I stole from Andy Stanley was putting together an organizational chart for our church, but for our church at twice its current size! Of course my name headed up a lot of the jobs, but it was great for people to see because for one thing it showed how much I do and need to hand off. But, it also showed them a glimpse of the future. It was a visual for what our church will need to do and look like when we hit that mark. I would encourage you to do this with your church or business. Even in the home. Make an org chart and then tell everyone their job is to work themselves out of that job, and the next, and the next. As Ed Young says about the vision, “We have to say it, spray it, wheel it, deal it, and make them FEEL it.” Amen!!!

The Church and the Nudist Colony

This past weekend Church of the Suncoast had a booth at a local Buisness Expo. There were hundreds of vendors all with bright and colorful displays trying to market their buisness or service. As I sat up our stuff and took a step back to look over the layout I glanced over to the booth right next to me and it was for one of our 5 or 6 local nudist colonies here in Land O' Lakes! I had to laugh. Out of all the hundreds of booths set up over this entire campus they were able to put us right next to each other. We were the talk of the expo. "Hey, did you see that they put the church right next to the nudist... how funny." While it was funny it also broke my heart because their were many people that thought we would be rude to them, or that they would not be welcome at the Suncoast. They were shocked to learn that they would be more than welcome at our church [as long as they were dressed :-) ] I even had one lady that I am assuming was a believer come up to me and say, "Can you believe they put you next to them..." It was just another confirmation that the church in America has failed in the last 30 years. Imagine if Jesus were walking the streets of our towns today. Where do you think he would be. At the high church with its ivory tower or talking with the local nudists about hope, and purpose, and meaning, and his love. That is why I am so excited about what God is about to do here at Church of the Suncoast. We get to break down walls. Break down what people think church is all about. We get to be Jesus to a community that is lost and in need of the Good News presented in a relevant, creative, and compelling way. What a ride!

Emotional Creativity

Church of the Suncoast is a really creative place. Each week we try to enhance the message by using various forms of media and the arts. We are a new church start with a new church starts budget so we have to be even more creative at times. There are so many other places out there doing creative ministry well that I by no means fell like we are on top of it. A lot of it is trial and error. But one thing I have noticed is that if the creative element does not stir up some sort of emotion it is wasted time and energy. I was at a church recently where they had gone all out by transforming their stage into the theme for that series. It was done very well. I liked it. But, as our launch team de-briefed one person said that it was a lot of work and it really didn't add anything to the experience. As I thought about that it began to hit me that even though I liked it and thought it was "cool" as a pastor it didn't connect with the audience because there was no emotional connection there. Now please don't think I am saying we need to manipulate people into making all sorts of emotion-driven decesions. All I am saying is that if you have a tight budget like us and are sold on the idea that we need to be creative in everything we do then make it connect with the emotions. Make the element one that will engage them to laugh, cry, get angry, whatever. We tend to remember things attached to an emotional long after a 25 minute message. Try to get your main point across in a creative element that will stir the emotions of your people and see if they won't connect more with your services. After all we are given emotions by God for a reason. We need to feel alive. Help your message come alive by connecting on a emotional level with your creative elements.