Sunday 4.22 in the Rearview

Yesterday was part 3 of a new series we are doing at Church of the Suncoast called "Live in HD." We have been talking about how there is a life out there that is bigger, bolder, and brighter. The powerful meaning behind Easter gives us the ability to bring clarity to our lives beyond the daily grind. This week was on "...Principles to Live by." Basically it was about how the Bible gives us some guardrails, some principles, some absolute truths that will allow us to know right and wrong in a world where everything is up for grabs. Here are some random thoughts straight from the hip:

  • I could have done a better job communicating. I didn't feel comfortable with my level of memorization and that leads to a lower level of communication in my opinion. I think you should do your audience the favor to at least know what you are going to say without having to look at a manuscript or notes the whole time. "A the next thing is... one second I have to find my notes." If you don't know it then why should they!
  • The creative element we used I think was powerful. It was a mix of a Goo Goo Dolls song and a man on the street video. The man on the street I got from Sermon Spice and the music video I made. It went back and forth leaving you begging for some resolution. Perfect place for you to get up and speak!
  • Our band does a wonderful job for the cards they are dealt! Because we are in rented facilities they don't get to practice for more than 30 - 35 minutes. So, sometimes songs get a little off. This week was one of those. We ended on a song and they got mixed up a little with a verse. Not a big deal and they pulled it off. I try to extend them the same grace I hope they extend me. If we were paying them it might be different. Excellence is doing the best you can with what you have! The first two songs were great and we have a bass player now!!!
  • We now have a volunteer central behind the main worship area for our people to grab some food, take a break, leave their stuff, and so on. I think this will be a huge deal for our Sunday crew.
  • We have seen the most residual bounce to date from the mailing we did for this series (40,000).
  • Even though I didn't give a formal invitation (not a walk forward deal, but a check the box on your communication card deal) during the end of my talk we still had 1 person receive Christ!
  • Our attendance was 113 which brings our April average to 117 people! Go God!!!

As you are reading this we are facing a huge facility decision in the next couple weeks. Please pray that God directs us to the perfect place for this next season of ministry at Church of the Suncoast.