Sunday (6.10) in the Rearview

It's Monday morning and here are some random thoughts from yesterday at Church of the Suncoast:
  • No summer slump so far??? We started the Suncoast from scratch in the Spring of 2006. NEVER start a church in the Spring! Why? We hit the summer in about 6 weeks of launching and the bottom fell out the first two weeks of June. THIS YEAR we have had 111 and 102 the first two weeks of June? I am praying this momentum carries us through. The fall is going to be huge!
  • 1 person received Christ. That makes 24 this year!!! Go God!
  • We had a vision meeting about our big move to Martinez Middle School in August. This temporary move for about 5 months will allow us to reach thousands of new people because of it's location and spread our influence into new areas. 45 people or so stuck around for short 15 minute meeting. They also turned in a commitment card for the big move. We did something different, we just prayed and silently had people (if they felt comfortable) bring them up to the stage. It was kind of cool.
  • This new series "$BLING$" has really been good so far. We have been talking about our attitudes with money and the plan laid out in the Bible. We haven't pulled any punches and next week I am offering a money back guarantee if people try tithing.
  • Steve did the welcome today for the first time. This is only about the 3rd time I have not done it. Just trying to get more people on the stage and comfortable with that. Trying to let people see it's not just about me. In the beginning it is. In a church plant people come back because of you. Now that we are a year into this I hope I can make the transition out of that over this 2nd year.
  • We went a little long today. I think I talked a few minutes too long.
  • Our sound issues from last week seem to be better. Oh, the joy of doing portable church in rented facilities :-)
  • My wife came up on stage and shared a little story for the first time and did a great job!
  • We really have a great church to be so young!

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