Sunday 10.7.07 in the Rearview

It has been a while since I stopped and put some thoughts out there about our weekend at Church of the Suncoast. So here are some RANDOM thoughts from the weekend that was at the Suncoast:
  • This was our first weekend back to two set up teams. When we made the move to Martinez we went back to everyone there at 7am. We were down a man or two so it took us right up to 9:30am to get all the little touches wrapped up. It will get better as we go.
  • Our worship leader Steve (and our drummer) were on vacation so the band was on their own, but did a great job! The mark of true leadership is working your way out of a job. Steve has built a team that didn't skip a beat... no pun intended.
  • The attendance was down a little this week? I guess that long Columbus Day Weekend hurts you :-)
  • We started a new series called "Good N' Angry" about, well... Anger. We opened the service with a clip from Anger Management where Adam Sandler get's tazered on the plane. I could watch that scene a 100 times. Too funny.
  • My talk felt good. It's funny how the energy level of the audience affects your communication. When they are awake and laughing it just seems to go better. I think the content was helpful. There was only one transition I didn't nail. I will work on that for this Sunday...
  • The tear down went AWESOME this week. We spanked the tear down. We were out of there by 12:15 this week! We have a family that really works their tails off. From the dad to the daughters they all bust it. It's people like that, that make this thing work!
  • For the fourth week in a row someone made a decision for Christ in the service! Go God!!! In 18 months over 55 people have taken their first step with God here at the Suncoast! That doesn't just happen. God is still doing something here in this area! I am excited to see what the future holds for our infant church. It's all Him!

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