Ugh! One of Those Sundays

This past Sunday at Church of the Suncoast was painful for me. It was one of those Sundays when nothing goes right... here is the run down. Maybe this will make you feel better if you are a church planter or leader still doing portable church :-)

First our worship guy was out of town. Not a big deal band wise, but he does so much more than just sing and play. He all but does the entire stage set up for us. So we had to jump in and cover that. No big deal.

We also were down a guy for set up so it took us the entire time to get things done. Never fun when you have to rush and never have a moment to take a breath before the peeps show up.

Our monitors were not working up until the middle of band practice. So the band was struggling to hear themselves since we never got to mix them right.

Our left projector decided to stop working and it was not the bulb so we just had to do without it. That is the first time that has happened in two years, but WOW did it make me mad. I just told everyone to cover their left eye the whole service...

Our sound guy was out so we had to get someone new up to speed with our stuff. There just is not enough time to do that in 45 minutes you know. He got the mains mixed well, but I'm sure I drove him crazy saying, "A little more drums..."

Our new computer we had built to run both Mac stuff and Windows stuff still did not work, the HDTV's did not like the video card setting. So, we had to use my old laptop which is on borrowed time I think.

We missed a couple cues during the transitions of the service...

AND, about 20 minutes into my message my mic goes out. The new battery just died it turns out. So, it was a fun Sunday.

Here are some go God's though:

With another great crowd we are now averaging 125 in July!!! Who said summers are bad?

We also had about 20 or so people stick around for Lunch with the Pastor which was our largest crowd yet.

Hope your Sunday went better. Hope this makes you feel like, "Hey, everyone must have those weeks..." If you have a "fun" Sunday story I would love to hear it. Leave a comment.

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