Summer of '08 in the Rearview

With Labor Day behind us now the summer is "officially" over. Not really in Florida, but at least vacations are over for the most part. Time for things to start getting back into a routine and usually when people start coming back to church or checking out church again. Each of our first two falls has seen a bump in numbers and we are praying for more of the same this year.

But with that said I have to stop and take a look back at the summer that was 2008 at Church of the Suncoast. Here are some random thoughts:
  • We saw two people take their first step with Jesus this summer! That is what it is all about.
  • We baptized three people in June!!!
  • We also did the One Prayer series with over 2,000 churches across the world. It was an amazing sense of unity as the church stood together.
  • Our church participated in the One Prayer offering and nearly $2,000 was given above and beyond the normal giving to help start churches in four developing countries.
  • Our numbers this summer were crazy for summer time. We tied our highest month ever in June, broke it in July, and tied it in August.
  • Our attendance was up 25% over last summer.
  • We had 146 people on July 4th weekend!
  • We had another week of 137 at the beginning of August.
  • Our August numbers were up, get this, 37% over last year.
  • AND, our July numbers were up 40% over last year.
  • My wife and I got to take a vacation again this summer which was great.
  • We have added a 1/2 dozen new volunteers to our children's ministry.
  • We had a guy actually break his leg doing set up, a first for me in ministry.
  • Our offering in August was terrible. Not sure if it was back to school or what?
  • We had a couple people leave and that always hurts.

So as I look back at both the good and bad I know God's hand was in all of it. I can see how good / growth will come from the negative stuff and I can see how much He blessed us and I know with the momentum we have had the fall will be incredible. I'll let you know next week some of the things we are doing for our fall kick off on September 14th. Be praying for the Suncoast!


Anonymous said...

we love it at this church. Our kids have met some new friends and the people that work with the kids seem to be very nice. we really enjoy the diversity of people that attend.

Brian A. Moon said...

Wow! Thank you!!! That is the coolest thing I have heard all day.