Leadership 101, 201, & 301

So as I am reading along in 1 Samuel today I come across chapter 10 and WOW! Saul learns leadership lesson 101 - 301 in one chapter. Here are the three lessons for him and for us today!

Saul had just been anointed by Samuel and then Samuel begins to share about what is going to happen next. He ends by saying that God's Spirit will come upon him and from that day on: "Do what seems right because God will guide you." Verse 7. I have heard Perry Noble say "Leadership is as simple as hearing God." AND, that is what Sam is telling Saul. Trust the voice of God in you and do what seems right!

Now, they are about to publicly crown Saul as king but they can't find him. They look all over and finally one guy says: "He is hiding among the baggage" Verse 22. How many times as a leader have you been ready to walk into what God wants you to do when you stop and hide behind your "baggage". We all have "baggage" and Saul learned you just have to step up and lead.

Obviously, not everyone was buying into this Saul guy. He came from nothing and really had no experience. So some haters started to say: "Deliverer us? Don't make me laugh!" They held him in contempt and refused to congratulate him. But Saul paid them no mind." Verse 27. Saul learned the third lesson of leadership. People will hate on you. Pay them no mind!

That is a lot for one chapter of Saul's life. I'm sure he spent years unpacking these first few lessons. I am going to spend this fall doing that. How about you???

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