Note to All That Made Easter Happen

Hey guys just wanted to say GREAT JOB!!! Here are some of the numbers that tell a SMALL part of what happened on Easter at the Suncoast:

237 (People) - New all time high (old high 215 last Easter)

19 (1st Time) - Obviously more than that, just no card.
7 (2nd Time)
5 (3rd Time)
1 (Accepted Christ) - That is what it is all about!

A few people I want to thank... not trying to leave anyone out, you all did an amazing job but have to say AWESOME job to Stephanie!!! That was the first time she has prayed in public and oh my gosh!!! That was so moving! Thanks for putting yourself out there like that. Awesome job to Crystal for getting all the kids where they need to be and thanks to all the kids vols! Cheryl had a friend come and her daughter had a GREAT time in the Shore I think it was? Thanks to the greeters and to Rita for making the stage backdrop! It fit the colors and feel of the day great! Steve thanks for having the band ready to go and all I can say is you guys were SMOKIN' Great songs!!! Rocked it for Jesus!!! Tech peeps, thanks for dealing with all the sound issues in the videos! And set up guys... you guys get a week off NO SET UP on SUNDAY!!! AND, to everyone that brought someone with you... go God!!! You rock too!

As I sat there on stage and looked out at the people I knew this would be every Sunday in the not too distant future and then one day we will look back and think how small these days were :-)

Finally, keep doing what it takes to get people to church. Don’t give up on someone because they didn’t come…or they came but did not receive Christ. Every week we are going to go all out to make sure the Gospel is clear…it’s not just an Easter thing for us…and there are SO MANY in our community that still do not know Jesus!

Great job Go God!!! Celebrate with me today :-)

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