Random Thoughts (This Past Week)

Some random thoughts on what has been going on at the Suncoast over the past week:

  • We kicked off 10-weeks of small groups called NEXT Groups. You can read about them one post down. We took about 10 - months off from doing groups to think about why we do them and how we do them. And, from what I hear we had some great groups last week.
  • This week our NEXT Groups all have a party on tap so if you have not jumped in there are 9-weeks left and this week would be a great week to jump in. The groups will be expecting you! For more info head HERE.
  • On Sunday we started a new message series called @work.

  • If you missed it then you can watch the message HERE.
  • We talked about Colossians 3:23 and found out that the purpose of your life @ work is to show that God is @ work in your life!
  • Don't miss part 2 of @work this Sunday! Bring your co-workers for this one! REALLY! Bring some people you work with. This is a great message for them!
  • Last week we also mailed out a giving letter to everyone that literally buys into the vision of what God is doing here. I shared my optimism for the future and the reality of where we are at as a church from a financial standpoint. If you would like a copy of the letter please e-mail info@canthisbechurch.com
  • On Sunday I also learned that the video church that meets in the school next to ours has shut their doors. Not sure all the details but I know this summer was a struggle to get butts in seats. Met with their pastor at the main campus a few weeks ago and he has a big heart and passion to see THE church succeed in this area. I know God will bless that!

Well, got to run for now. For more on the Suncoast head to:


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