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Well, you might have noticed I have not been blogging much over the past month and I would like to say something real spiritual like, "I was fasting from blogging" but really things just got busy, didn't make it a priority, and thus the silence. Hopefully we staying in touch through twitter or facebook. But, now it is back to blogging in 2011.

Here is what I want to say first in a nutshell... it has been a dry couple of months for me. Have you ever had a time like that in your life? When you don't really have anything to say, don't really have any big ideas, just kind of feel... dry. That is where I have been for most of December and January. Another reason not much blogging has been going on.

A lot of it had to do with church stuff. As a church planter with a young church and a small staff you wear a lot of hats and that wears you slap out. I know you know how that feels no matter what you do for a living. You give and give and give and then you just are done. There was not a real break between Christmas and the first Sunday of the New Year this year, so combined with some poor planning on my part, it just added to the drain. Working on that. One of my goals for 2011, to get better at planning.

You also get hurt a lot as a pastor. You carry a lot. You wrestle with a lot and if you don't deal with that it starts to stink up your life and I had some unforgiveness issues I needed to work on which also added to the dry season.

AND, as always I was not really getting alone and with my Heavenly Father to hear His voice and meditate on His Word. That will dry you out quick.

So are you in a dry season? Here is my encouragement for you today:

1) Take Time to Plan Ahead
2) Forgive Others
3) Get Alone with God Daily

As the rain begins to beat down on the church office here I can begin to feel my own soul being re-hydrated. How about you? Drop the mask and let me know about your dry season.

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