Egging the City

Hey Suncoast today is Good Friday, the day we mark as the death of Jesus. But, we know the rest of the story, Sunday is coming! All this week you have been egging the city. I was thinking back over all the stuff we have used this week to get the word out about the amazing Easter celebration this Sunday at the Suncoast:

Also we gave out Easter invite baskets:

AND, tomorrow... There will be a group of people from the Suncoast handing out some cold water and invite cards along one of the big intersections in our area. You can contact Mike Drescher for all the info Basically, meet at the Starbucks in front of Super Target on SR 54 at 10:30am and you will go from there.

Here is what I really wanted to share though. This Sunday is going to be amazing! You would not believe the amount of work that has been going into making this service a "WOW" experience for the people you are asking and bringing (remember to go for the ask... see last Sunday's message). I will be praying for all the people you are inviting and be praying for mine and Cheryl's. How cool would it be to increase the size of heaven as God meets us Sunday and does what only He can do, change a heart and a life.

I CAN'T WAIT!!! I love my church!

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