Social Media Break

This past week as I have been praying about our church, God kind of hit me over the head and said, "Don't work on the church, work on yourself!" Wow! One of those 2x4 moments. I have been so busy doing church work, well one I have not been blogging so if I am too busy to blog then I am also too busy for two, my relationship with Jesus. I only had a quiet time once last week, that sucks! I can't lead a church if I am too busy working on the church and I can't grow in my relationship with my Savior if I am too busy working on the church. Working for the church is not a substitute for working on my relationship with God.

SO... I am going to work on myself. AND, part of that is no social media until June. No twitter, facebook or blogging. If you need me here is my e-mail:

My guess is I am not the only one God might be saying this to. Has God ever told you you were too busy for Him? What did you do about it?

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