Easter @ the Suncoast

Hey Suncoast, FOUR things I want you to know about this Easter Sunday at the Suncoast:

1. Come 10-minutes early!
If you are not serving somewhere this week then make plans to come 10-minutes early (that would be 10:20am). Think about when YOU check out some place new, you typically give yourself plenty of time and arrive a few minutes early. Our guests this Sunday will typically be arriving a few minutes early so lets fill the room BEFORE the countdown clock even starts at 10:28am! Lets create a warm, inviting, exciting atmosphere that anticipates a GREAT service and all that God is going to do.

2. Park in the Sunlake Blvd lot!
We have two parking lots at the school. One off of Mentmore and one off of Sunlake. Lets just fill the one lot along Sunlake THIS WEEK! Make the U-turn and park where our signs direct you. It says, "This place is happening" to the people passing by or pulling in.

3. Pray!
I don't say that because I am a pastor and you think I should say that. I say that because if God doesn't show up on Sunday then it will be an "event" but it won't be life-changing! Lets beg God to show up on Sunday. Lets pray for the hearts of the people we have been inviting and others have invited. Lets pray our marketing this Easter is blessed 10-fold! Lets pray God softens and prepares hearts to hear about Jesus in a fresh way! Lets pray for our volunteers, staff, and would you PLEASE pray for me too. Lets also pray for a HUGE number of people to COME BACK over the next two weeks after Easter!!!

4. Keep Inviting!
Keep handing out your eggs, keep handing out invite cards, keep ASKING people if they can come and wait for them to give you an answer! USE SOCIAL MEDIA! Tweet and post info about this Sunday. Use our website as a tool. You can grab all kinds of info to tweet or post and send them to pages like "The Current Series" page where they can watch the promo video. Why? Because sometimes all someone needs is an invitation:

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