Numbers (Are You Still Counting?)

As a church planter you live and die by the numbers. Anyone that tells you different is either fooling themselves or trying to make themselves look "spiritual" to impress you. The reason you plant a church, the reason you put your family, health, and mental well-being on the line is because you want to see numbers. It is ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS!

Numbers are people. Numbers are eternities in heaven or hell. Numbers are broken lives that God is mending back together. Numbers are students that might be thinking about ending it all. Numbers are little kids that might only feel unconditional love for this hour a week. So if it is not about numbers then what is it about?

I hope you are still counting. I hope if you have had some disappointment and have given up on counting you will start again. I hope you will trust God to increase your numbers and pray high risk prayers like, "God open doors for our numbers to increase even if it means making some painful adjustments." So, are you still counting? God is! (We had 10 more people this week than last week... praying for 10 more next week)

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