"Will Not Return Void"

Wow! In the past two weeks we have seen 5 people indicate through their response card that they put out the welcome mat of their heart and invited Jesus in! Why? We gave them an opportunity. I have Baptist roots that I can't deny. Every week there is a time for people to make this most important decision if you are a good Baptist.

BUT, personally there are times when I feel this just does not fit with the message. Their are just some talks that don't readily tie into salvation. The talks a few weeks ago were such talks at Church of the Suncoast. Then for the last two weeks we did have a time for people to make this decision and boom! 5 people accept Christ! My point? I'm not sure. I still believe that there are just some weeks when a speaker led decision time doesn't fit. But, then again the evangelist in me says you might only get one shot with people. The bottom line is God is still working today. He is still in the life saving business. If you haven't led your church in a time of commitment in a few weeks do it. And in the mean time I would love to hear what you think on this.

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