Invite Cards in Guest Notes

Every week when we have first time guests come to Church of the Suncoast I get a report on Monday mornings with their names and addresses. I then send them a little 4 inch by 6 inch HAND WRITTEN guest note. I usually thank them for coming, tell them I hope they enjoyed the experience, and then I invite them back. This is a great tool to get people back to your church. It takes a few minutes, but is worth the time in the personal touch it leaves with new people.

But, in each of the envelopes we send the notes in I include 3 of our invite cards. These little business size cards are a great tool to invite people with, but here is the dirty little secret... After a person has been coming to your church for a month or two their inviting goes way down!!! So why not hit people when they are white hot with excitement about your church. It gives the people that are most likely to invite people a little tool to encourage them to do it.