New Promotion Idea

Promotion can be a taboo word in the church world. Some think the church has no place marketing itself and others feel like you are nuts if you don't. As a church planter that meets in a school and has little presence in the community from Monday - Saturday we are always looking for new ways to get our church in front of people during the week.

One way that we just tried for the first time was to print a full page postcard with a lot of "pop" to it ( We then put the postage on the back of them and gave every person on Sunday morning three of them to take home and address to people they knew. Here is what I can see a week into this:

  1. It gets our people thinking about the church during the week
  2. It gets our people thinking about their non-believing friends during the week
  3. It is a great tool to get our people to pray for their friends
  4. It goes out to people that might have already been invited
  5. In our little test it was as effective as a 15,000 piece mailer
  6. It cost less than $1,000 to pull off

We will see how the residual affect is this weekend but if you are a church planter that is trying to budget some new promotion give it a try. If you want to see our postcard you can e-mail me at