INC Gathering 1 - 2.11.08

From the Innovative Network of Churches Tampa Gathering:

Devotional thought (Danny)
Reorientating your life – Mark 12:30
Love God – pursue him with all our being. Not just strength or mind or heart, but our full being. Or else you will follow him through relationships. Or through legalism or being a workaholic. If we are not balanced our church won’t be.

Relevant Environments on a Shoestring (Hal)

Main Service__________
Physical environments are painted in earth tones for a multicultural church. The people on stage, greeters are painted as well. Black, white, Latino, male, female…

Movie theater church uses what they have, the screen!

Black curtains everywhere! Can create a totally new environment.

Playing with chairs and partitioning off the room can help with smaller crowds.

Younger age church keeps things dark. Also changes the lobby based on the service they are doing. They also use a full stage set.

“Jet set” fabric from JoAnn’s fabric for stage dress.

Church uses large printed materials for each series on stage.

OAI in Tampa will print banners of any size 10x20

Children’s Ministry_________
Can use black curtains with strong magnets in classrooms with drop sealing

Can also get a bounce house from Wal-Mart for $125

White PVC fence from Home Depot to break up a nursery room.

Sam’s Club for kids room furniture.

Musicians – How do you get better ones?
You have to get into the stream of musicians. If your main person is talented then they will follow. If they are not then you might need to change lead person.

Search for some musicians:

How do you transition from level one people to second level people?
Give current person a chance to step up. If they can’t you need to help them move on. They might hinder the new person from doing their job.

Plateauing – How do you get going?
Start looking at your systems? Are you really as bad off as you think? Look back at the numbers. What is your percentage of growth? What is your growth engine going to be? What motivated people in the beginning / before?

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