Weekend Re-Cap 2.24.08

This past weekend at Church of the Suncoast we wrapped up our “How Wise People Build Wealth” series with Baptisms and Child Dedications. It was a great time as always. I love the hope and promise of new life baptism represents and it was obvious as you listened to the stories of those men and women that took the plunge. This time we did things a little different by asking them to share a quick word or two about why they were doing this. It was great to hear them tell a little piece if their story. I think it will motivate others who are on the baptismal fence to jump into the water. It is hard to believe it but we have now baptized 26 people in our short 22 month history! Go God!!!

We also dedicated two little guys that I can’t wait to see how they will grow up into mighty men of God at the Suncoast. We also had 25 kids on Sunday between the Mangroves and the Beach. Rita is doing an awesome job leading those two environments.

The music on Sunday rocked!!! The band was really hitting on all cylinders this time. They always blow me away at what they can do in one 45 minute practice a week!

For the first time in a long time I goofed up big time on the order of the service. I threw it to the offering before we did the communication card time. Oops. We still got a lot of cards, but I’m sure we missed a few first time guests from my mistake. The tech team was on the ball though and made things seem on track and the ushers were right there ready to go. Other than that we had a great service.

We also wrapped up the month of February with a 19% increase in attendance over this same month last year. God has been faithful to grow us as we have been faithful to create the environment for Him to work.

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