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Pressure Points:

Simple Church (from last time) – What is discipleship? Seacoast has online tools for people to “learn” on their own. What are those tools or intermediate environments to help people learn even though doing is what it is all about not just “knowing”.


Granger’s Message Series Process:

  • SMT – Meets once a year to outline broadly the topics for the year.
  • 3-6 months – Dive into name and theme of series and each week’s topics.
  • 1-2 months – Start pulling in rest of staff for what is coming up so they can coordinate if needed.
  • 1 month – Communications team nails down promo & graphics and look of series. Message titles also done. Marketing if needed for a big push.
  • 2 weeks – Start promo to crowd, print media done, videos done.
  • 1 week – Invite cards into programs and promo to crowd, e-mails, calls, social networking, promo videos, web-updates (if you can get your people excited the community will come)
  • Week Of – Message written, service rolls.

Series Planning Ideas to Kill Your Momentum:
Address questions no one is asking
Scheduling your series to last longer than 6 weeks
Teaching too much in each message (you don’t have to answer all the questions each week)
Teaching truth without application
Assuming the message stands alone (the whole service is a part of the experience)
Don’t tease the next series
Not creatively connecting the Bible with what’s going on in the world
Not sweating the details

Pressure Point: Change Management – We all like change as long as we are the ones making the change. Begins with building relationships of trust. Get the right people around you before you make the “big announcement”. Help them feel like it was their idea. Manage the expectations this might take some time to work out for the better.

Spotlight Topic: Sexual Sin in Church Leadership
Ed Stetzer – Message on Secret Sins
Open DNS to Block Content
Set boundaries to keep from falling


Look at branding series over the church, people don’t really care about the church on the front end.
Certain environments within the church you have to let them create their own brand… like Student Ministry, kids ministry.
Don’t promote sub-brands without also promoting it as part of the parent brand… “a ministry of NewSpring Church.”
Limit your sub-brands, only a few.

Marketing Mistakes:

Advertising the church, no one cares!
Making promises they can’t keep.
Make sure your follow up system is in place before the marketing.
Trying to be all things to all people. Older audiences will plug into younger programming, but younger audiences won’t plug into older programming.


Better to compare year to year than week to week. Best time for a big push is when you know there will be success, like the Fall. Provide cushion in funds for the summer months, push online giving in the spring. Begin your ramp up in August not after Labor Day.

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