The Vow (Series Wrap Up)

This past Sunday at Church of the Suncoast we wrapped up our marriage series called "The Vow" with one of the coolest things we have ever done. After the message was over we gave married couples some instructions and the men came down front where we had a big bucket of roses for them to grab one for their wives. The ladies went to the back of the room and waited as a video played. Then the wedding march rang out and they all made their way down the isles to their husbands. We did a quick renewal of the vows ceremony based on the series content and then as they kissed their brides and had a seat we rolled one of the coolest marriage videos we have ever played. It might have lasted 6 or 7 minutes in all BUT I saw men crying. I saw women crying. I saw people taking pictures after it was over like it was their wedding day. We had wedding cake made out of cupcakes on the way out. The whole thing rocked! It emotionally connected the series for people. If you are planning a wedding series I would strongly recommend you do something like this. For info e-mail me:

Thank you Rita for all your help!!!

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