Random Thoughts from INC Today

On Money and the Church:
  • Scarcity brings clarity.
  • You have to know what is coming in and what is going out financially.
  • 1/4ly giving statements. Celebrate what has happened!
  • The more ways to give the better.
  • Start talking about the budget in the fall not January.
  • Teaching series once a year.
  • Know your theology on money.
  • Challenge your staff!!!
  • If your staff is not tithing then they are living in sin.
  • Give away your financial message series.

On Small Groups:

  • Stories from the stage.
  • Get your key leaders to bring or get people to sign up.
  • Will not fill groups from the stage... leaders have to find them.
  • Sell the benefits like pastoral care.
  • Video teaching works.

On Volunteers:

  • Give away stuff at the end of the e-mail for volunteers.
  • Send note or gift to first time volunteers.

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