Random Thoughts on Vision from INC Today

Your vision will be different for each church but all churches should be out to reach the unchurched.

Vision determines everything from music style to structure to sermon style. What does the culture need in a church? What would attract them? What will keep them? Doesn’t mean you can’t be challenging. BUT it means your worship will be foreign to them and the offerings will be small. You have to structure for that. Also, means you might have to unlearn a lot of the “church” leadership stuff you have learned and stop going to conferences and all that. Don’t fall in love with someone else’s vision. Take a break and hear from God and remind yourself of YOUR vision. You are not every other church. You won’t look like every other church. What does the internal data tell you not just the numbers? Don’t compare yourself to everyone else!!!

Talk to people that don’t go to church and ask them about church? Why don’t you go? How often do you go? What did you think about the last church you went to? KNOW your community! KNOW yourself!

Q: How do you lead with passion and pain but let people see the passion? Have to spend a lot of time with God and His word. Have to have some close friends who you can be honest with. Hard to be friends with the people you lead.

Q: How do you measure it? If you go by feelings you will go crazy. You have to go by the gauges; have to have some gauges to measure things.

Q: How do you keep passing the vision on? Mentoring. Showing “it” to people. It is slow. If you do something take people with you. Show the stories on video. Tell people how your vision is accomplishing its goal. What is rewarded get’s repeated! Be the bamboo: roots deeply for 3 years without much growth but then one of the fastest growing.

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