Thoughts on Last Sunday & THIS Sunday

This past week at Church of the Suncoast I preached the hardest message I have ever preached. If you want to hear it then go here:

Part 3 OR you can watch it over here =>>>

Yes I am wearing a tux!!!

In part 3 of our series "Visionary Love. Dream Sex" I talked about something that I don't think many churches in America are talking about. No one talks about the struggles of godly couples in the bedroom. I then started opening up about my own struggles and the challenges Cheryl and I are working through so to say the least it was hard to get through.

After you take a chance like that you always feel like an idiot for sharing it. You second guess yourself. BUT, I believe this. Part of my job as the leader of the Suncoast is to let people see my life, my journey with God, the ups the downs, I think my job is to let people see the real me and I think Sunday showed that.

I know God will use the message on Sunday and reward the risk. Even if I have to wait to heaven one day to hear about it ;-) "Oh pastor you helped my sex life..." Just not going to hear that you know.

We also gave out a Romance Package on Sunday for Valentine's Day to all the married couples and told them to go on a date this week! Can't wait to hear how those went.

THIS, Sunday at the Suncoast is a special day too. We will celebrate our 200th service!!! That blows me away. I don't know what the current stats are but a lot of church starts like ours don't get out of the first year or two and for the Suncoast to almost be 4 years old blows me away. God has been faithful and so have you guys at the Suncoast. Thank you to all the peeps that have given, served, and sacrificed for God's work at our church. You guys are my hero's!!!

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Anonymous said...

It was a great message on Sunday. I know it will help many couples. It's a tough topic and you opened the door for people to talk about it!
Thanks for being so willing to be real!
Wow 200 services
Go God!!