Fall Kick Off "Joyride"

This Sunday at the Suncoast we are having our big fall kick off. Each year around this time (actually we have been waiting until after Labor Day, but school starts back so early here in Pasco County so we are doing it now) we make a big push for everyone to bring some people with them as we get the fall ministry season started.

We try to make the build up for this a lot like Easter or Christmas Eve. We start a month to 6-weeks out talking about it and teasing about it. We want everyone to bring someone on August 22nd and that is not just a nice suggestion, we REALLY want everyone to bring someone with them. It is a natural time for people to check church out and we want to capture that momentum.

We plan a lot of fun and creativity into this date and I wish I could tell you about all the stuff, but you will just have to come and find out Sunday at 10:30am at Rushe Middle School. We also will be starting a new message series called, "Joyride". Since we know people are bringing guests, it will be something everyone can relate to no matter where they are on the spiritual spectrum.

The bottom line is I know there are thousands of people living within a few miles of where we meet that don't go to church. Our mission is to be a church for those people. The saved don't need a doctor, the sick do... think Jesus said that!!! This Sunday we will do anything short of sin to get those people to the Suncoast and make sure they have a great experience.


1. Pray for this Sunday
2. Bring someone with you
3. Come EARLY!!! Trust me!
4. Hang out and mingle, let's be the friendliest church around!

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