The Next Two Weeks @ the Suncoast!

This Sunday at the Suncoast we are doing a talk called "You Asked For It". Over the past two weeks on twitter and on the communication cards on Sundays we have been asking people what is a question they have always wanted answered in church. This Sunday we roll out the answers or at least the best I could do with them. It should be fun and don't miss the first 5 minutes of the service as the band rolls out the "You Asked For It" song... hint: It is also the redneck national anthem. For more info click HERE.

ALSO: be asking people to join us for the fall kick off on the 22nd! We are starting a new series called "Joyride" and the 22nd is going to be off the chain. We have so many creative things planned from the walk up on that you will be blown away. So BRING PEOPLE! And, together we will pack God's house.

Can't wait... :-)


Anonymous said...

me either!!! You and the Curch have been a blessing to me and my family... Thank you!!!

Cindy said...

Loved the service today!!! Definitely some questions and topics you would not think to hear being addressed in church... LOVE IT! Great candor... lots of laughs and the wrap up was powerful enough to make me cry! Thank You!!