How Big is Your God

Since we started Church of the Suncoast just a few short months ago my faith has been stretched in any number of ways. How will I support myself? How will we ever raise enough money for what God has called us to? How can I do this all as the only staff member? What if no one shows up? What will we do if people show up? What should we do about getting the word out? How can we afford to get the word out? How do I even take a vacation??? If you are reading this and you are a church starter then you understand all the questions I have been asking God. If you are not a church starter then think about doing the hardest thing you can think of and then imagine feeling like God is a million miles away while you do it. Nothing I can think of so intimately combines your faith with your job. At your job if you lose some market share then that was just buisness. If we lose market share then where is God and why has He left us? Of course my theology is strong enough to tell me that God didn't go anywhere and He will bless His church, BUT try telling that to your heart when it is on the bleeding edge. You see what I mean now? You might be dealing with a child today and feeling the same things. You might be dealing with a difficult spouse today and feeling the same things. You might be dealing with difficult parents and feeling the same things. So for you, and for me, how big is our God? Is God big enough to invade our little world and act on our behalf? Can God be trusted to even act? I encourage you to take those anxious thoughts and bring them before God and simply wait. Do the hardest thing for a type "A" personality. Wait. And see if God won't move on your behalf. How big is your God? -- Have a "God story" that has happened recently? Tell me about it :-)

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