Mind Mapping My Style

I grew up learning how to preach from a manuscript. I have been preaching since I was 19 and if you are like me I tend to "diesel" on if I don't plan out everything I am going to say. The problem with using a manuscript is the need for a podium or table to rest your manuscript on. While I was doing student ministry a guy told me that it seemed to "traditional" with what we were trying to do with the kids. So I began to experiment with various ways to still use my manuscript but attach it in my Bible thus getting rid of the podium. After several variations I came across mind mapping. If you want to read about it more just google it and you can read various books on the true way to do this. My version is I take the text and arrange it in a clock-wise rotation that takes up 4 pages at 10pt font. This helps your brain take a picture of where things are and allows me to all but memorize the entire talk. If you would like a copy in a publisher format just e-mail me at brian@canthisbechurch.com

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