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Tampa Bay Church Planters Network

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Paul Wirth // Team Creativity:

We are all creative… we just have to get it out of us
> God created it
Have to constantly re-birth our church like a club in Ybor

> Jesus modeled it

> The Spirit empowers it

Planning in a TEAM helps you get past a sticking point

“You have eyes plagiarize” -- Very few creative ideas come without a team

@ Relevant – Big meeting for each series (12 people)

> Music

> Themes

> Service sets

Each week staff helps with message

> Requires extensive planning

> Most don’t go all the way to birth

Start backwards on creative idea

Learn to use all kinds of resources

Rotate fresh people in all the time

Give people something to take home (trinket)

Life change is the motivation

> What do the people need?

> What is out there in culture that can help meet that need?

How do you control it? –

> Have to allow a little chaos

> Be willing to trash a great idea (big white board)

Don’t let finances limit your creativity!!!

Always ask the WHY question:

W- hat is the point

H - ow are you going to do it?

Y - ou (Is it you?)

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